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Time For Your New Wooden Floors In Barnet

Time for your new wooden floors in Barnet

The town retains a pleasant example of how livery companies provided accommodation for the elderly…

Original almshouses would have had their share of natural wooden floors.

This most practical and hard-wearing, yet attractive, of floor surfaces has been popular for centuries.

If yours have become past their best, it’s time to banish those ugly marks and digs. with the modern solution specialist wood floor sanding and sealing from: The Barnet Floor Sanding Company

The Barnet Floor Sanding Company

A family firm who have restored hundreds of floors for over twenty years. What we will do:

  • Realign and reset wobbly boards or blocks.
  • Replace damaged areas with new or reclaimed timber
  • Fill in gaps if you require an even look
  • Sand away old layers of paint or sealant.
  • Our cylinder machines leave a superb smooth finish.

No worries about mess and disruption:

  • Sanding is 99% dust free
  • By collecting dust from outside each room of your property.
  • And we’ll keep any inconvenience to your domestic or commercial schedule to a minimum – by working flexibly at weekends or even overnight.
  • Allow us to help you by clearing items of furniture – and disposing of old carpets and floor coverings.

A Fresh Look?

The fresh bare wood of your floor may be stained to match your decor. White or a pale wash can give a bright, modern look to kitchens, bedrooms and play areas.

Resealing For Protection:

Sealants protect and enhance your new floor

  • Natural Oil For Beauty
  • Hard wax oil for added wear
  • Lacquer for the busiest areas

Modern water-based lacquers are safe for use in the home, kitchen and around children and pets.

Work to the highest standards:

We use only premium quality floor products to last longer and keep their looks.
Our staff finish every job to the highest degree of workmanship.


Your new floor will be a valuable investment: Our advice is available for the care it needs post-restoration to maintain it in tip-top condition.

Commercial Floor Sanding:

Whether your floors are in an office, library, school, museum, sports hall, gallery, shop, bar or restaurant…
We’ll bring them back to a state worthy of your customers, staff, users, and visitors.

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Feedback from Our Valued Customers

Phil Radcliffe
As I had hired companies before that specialized in renovating wooden floors, I was...
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Phil Radcliffe
As I had hired companies before that specialized in renovating wooden floors, I was always disappointed with the end result because further work had to be completed in order to correct their mistakes. I've always wanted a wooden floor that wouldn't look out of place if it appeared in a home design catalog. When I explained to Andrew and his colleagues what my expectations were, they reassured me that they could do this work. Although I was apprehensive, I was impressed with their product knowledge and their professional approach, and they seemed to be very experienced. When they had finished their work, I shouldn't have worried because I was amazed at what they had done. My dream wooden floor was now a reality. I can’t thank you enough.
Phil Radcliffe
Phil Radcliffe
Russell Smith
Although my family and I wanted to move into a new build, we were amazed ...
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Russell Smith
Although my family and I wanted to move into a new build, we were amazed and eventually wowed over by a property that dates from the 1920s. So we bought it! However, as with old buildings, we inherited many structural problems which we hadn't thought about when we signed the mortgage contract, such as sub-standard floors that had succumbed to years of dry rot. That's when Andrew and his team came to help us. We explained that the whole of our downstairs floor needed to be replaced. We were given a very reasonable quote and, when we agreed about when the work would commence, we headed off to a friend's house until the work was completed. After a very short time, we got the call that our house was ready ~ amazing how quickly Andrew and the team managed to get everything done! When we returned home, the floors looked brand new and exceeded our expectations. I'll certainly be recommending you to our family and work colleagues!
Russell Smith
Russell Smith
Matthew Fleming
I thought that personally fitting wooden flooring for my tenants would be easy. How wrong ...
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Matthew Fleming
I thought that personally fitting wooden flooring for my tenants would be easy. How wrong I was! I soon discovered that there were so many gaps in between each individual slat that I was worried the whole floor might give way! I had to do something quickly, especially as my new tenants were due to move in. When I called you and asked if you could sort this out for me as quickly as possible, I was relieved when you said that you could. The property was draughty enough as it is, and when there are gaps in between wooden slats, this just made things even worse. But thanks to your team, the work was completed quickly and to a really high standard, and the property was very comfortable. The only draught which was noticeable was when the window was open If I decide to fit wooden flooring in my other properties and the same situation happens again, I know who to call.
Matthew Fleming
Matthew Fleming

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Wood floors vs carpets - which is the best option for your home?

If you’re considering whether to invest in sanding floors or simply to lay carpet throughout your house, this is a decision that can completely alter the look and feel of your home. So should you choose the richness and beauty of wood or the warmth and comfort of carpet?

The benefits of wood flooring

When you restore a wood floor to its full beauty, you’re adding timeless beauty and elegance to your home. There are very few drawbacks to wooden floors – they’re exceptionally durable, aesthetically pleasing, and will last a lifetime with very little maintenance. 

Should any damage occur, it can be simply dealt with by sanding your floorboards and restoring their natural beauty. Wooden floors are also ideal for allergy sufferers as they don’t harbor dust mites like carpets.

Though wooden floors may not be ideal for bathrooms or areas of high humidity, they add real richness and warmth to hallways and living areas, making floor boards sanding the ideal option to add aesthetic appeal and value to your home.

The pros and cons of carpets

Carpets can be quick and easy to install and can muffle noise where that can be an issue. But they can also harbour allergens, need constant cleaning and are more suitable for bedrooms than for high-traffic areas. 

If you like the warmth and comfort of carpet but prefer the elegance and sustainability of restoring wood floors in your property, then consider investing in some beautiful rugs. Not only will these make a design statement, but you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds and help to protect your floors without hiding them. 

Why a floor sanding service makes sense

It is possible to sand your wooden floors yourself, but if you want to enjoy the unique benefits of a beautifully sanded and finished wood floor, then this is a job for professionals. With techniques like dust-free floor sanding that can be difficult to achieve without professional equipment, your sanded and polished floors will once again be a major asset in your home.

At the Floor Sanding Barnet, we have over 20 years of experience in floor sanding in London and the South East. So why not contact us to book your free survey today?